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  • Advisees - O'Connor

    Advisees - O'Connor

    Provides a location for Eileen's advisees to discuss ideas about Degree Plans and the like; see eileen.oconnor@esc.edu for ways to access the resources & materials

    Tags: MALET, advisees

  • Introduction to Music Fundamentals

    A short video on music history and music theory, briefly touching upon the building blocks of creating and performing music.

    Tags: 3D, Second Life, MALET, SUNY Empire State, Music Theory, Music Fundamentals, Machinima

  • The Creation of Mr. Vortex (3D Snowman in Second Life)

    I had a lot of fun creating this snowman within the virtual world of Second Life.  I am new to building in 3D and I can see it requires a great deal of patience and imagination; especially if you add scripts in order to make an object interactive.

    Tags: 3D, Second Life, MALET, SUNY Empire State, 3D Building, Snowman, Scripts, Machinima

  • Designing and Online Learning Environment

    Designing a learning environment to meet the needs of a variety of learners and still teach necessary information is a challenge in itself. Throw in the idea of being a recent college graduate, newly hired teacher and suddenly being asked to design an online learning environment, and you create ...

    Tags: MALET, Online Learning Environments, Design, Development