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Eileen O'Connor

Brief description: MALET & MAT Faculty member
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About me

Hi, I am one of the team of Core Instructors and am very excited to share my knowledge and experience and to learn from your knowledge and experience.  Emerging technologies offer amazing new ways to reach wide-ranging audiences, thereby sharing our hopes, dreams, and understandings.  I enjoy all aspects of these empowering tools but I am particularly involved with virtual and immersive environments.   I am working with K12 youth in these areas and can see the empowerment and connectivity that can be fostered with these open-ended tools.   I have kept a compendium of my work at my professional website (http://www.interactivelearningsolutions.net) since I began a consulting/training eBusiness in 2001.  My resume is available at the website too.

(And, after reading about some of you, I decided to share more.  I feel into computers in 1978 (phew, a long time ago) working for an early robotics /chemistry company (Technicon) & continued with computers since then: 10 years at IBM & then into pulling my passions together with a Ph.D. in instructional techology and in science education.  I have been a corporate trainer in past lives and a teacher in most recent reincarnations.  I just love teaching / learning and I love using tech to network us in ways we could not have imagined in the past.   I actually work with my grandchildren in California through virtual reality (I have a private island & we will work together in Second Life (a virtual island owned by ESC) and totally enjoy all things communication, learning, and tech related.   If you don't have the passion when you start into MALET, I am sure you will have caught-the-fever by a few courses in.)  eileen