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What is wordpress?

Workspaces: Overview

Each of you is required to develop a workspace over the course of your degree program as a way to demonstrate that you are meeting or exceeding the program goals by showcasing your best work. You should discuss and review the materials with your advisor before adding and sharing your work, but you are free to use the tool of your choice. Most students have chosen WordPress.

There are at least two points in the program when you’ll be asked to give a presentation of your work to peers and instructors: once at the conclusion of the first year experience’s Advanced Design Portfolio study, and once more at the completion of your degree program. By the end of the program, the expectation is that your workspace will be refined enough to be considered a portfolio of work that reflects your learning holistically.

Parts of your Workspace

The minimum required parts of your workspace portfolio are:

  1. Profile (Tell us about yourself, your interests and your profession.)
  2. Statement of Purpose (How will this degree enhance your personal and/or professional needs/interests?)
  3. Degree Program Plan (What set of electives do you plan to incorporate into your overall program plan to address your stated needs/interests? How will your intended final project reflect a culminating ‘mastery’ of your work? – this is drafted over the first year in consultation with your adviser)
  4. Samples of work of digital artifacts accompanied with an indication of how it meets/exceeds program goals/learning outcomes, and a reflective narrative statement on your design rationale.
  5. Special Project completed as part of the Advanced Design Seminar, presented at scheduled Design Showcase

Important Notes:

  • Please set up this workspace by the end of the first week of start of term, but getting a jump-start on it while you’re going through the online orientation is advisable.
  • Once you have created your workspace, you should add it to the teammalet community space by posting the link to in the bookmarks section and as a link on your profile page in the teammalet community space.
  • You might want to set privacy settings to ‘logged in users’ until you are comfortable with what you’ve added to your workspace to a public audience.

Creating Your Workspace

Your private workspace will serve as a “digital suitcase” of sorts where you can aggregate materials needed for the first year experience peer review sessions – “peer-ings” – and Design Showcase at the end of the first year. While most students choose to start with WordPress (either or the ESC Commons), you are free to choose your own platform for your personal workspace.

Other Alternatives

There are many alternatives that might interest you.  Here are just a few to consider:

You may want to review Helen Bartlett’s ePortfolios with GoogleApps Web site for ePortfolio ideas.

For practical advice on setting up a blog, wiki, or website, check back with the Digital Skills Workshops section.

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