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Available courses

  • Learn to record and edit an audio recordings using Audacity, a free audio recording and editing program that is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. Audio recordings can be used as Podcasts, audio tracks in video and can also be embedded into Adobe Acrobat PDF's or PowerPoint presentations.

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  • Blogging

    Learn the steps required to set up a blog, post articles in a blog and how to manage reader feedback to your blog

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  • Images

    This course contains several learning activities and resources to help you feel comfortable working both with images and related web publishing options.

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  • Learn about creating a sequential slide based presentations and creating a dynamic animated presentations with Prezi.

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  • An introduction to using Second Life virtual world.

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  • Learn how to use Twitter, a microblogging service to follow others and post your own "tweets".

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  • Learn how to create web sites, add documents and images and videos and using collaborative editing with a Wiki or a Google site.

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Each of the courses on this site covers applications that will be used in courses throughout the MALET program. The courses are organized alphabetically not sequentially. You can start with any course or skip courses that you may already be familiar with.

Each section has:

  • A series of learning activities
  • Self-study resources

Work through the materials at your own pace. It is OK to make mistakes or redo a learning activity, you are the only person checking your learning, when you are satisfied with your progress, move on to the next activity or to another section. 

The activities in conjunction with the resources will help you acquire the basics needed to use an application - feel free to explore more advanced options or techniques. You may also use other resources or materials to learn an application, there are many tutorials available that can be found by searching the internet, YouTube and Itunes University.

Suggested Sequence of Study

Step 1 - Choose a topic that interests you or that you are not familiar with.
Step 2 - Work through the learning activities - refer to the resources to learn more about how to complete an activity.
Step 3 - After completing the learning activities for a section consider if there are any steps needing more work or that you feel you are not comfortable with and review the materials for that section
Step 4 - If you need additional assistance, come to the LiveTech beginning Monday September 17th and then held the first Monday of each month thereafter.

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