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How and why to use Prezi for education

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By K Hum

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How and why to use Prezi for education
Prezi is a great presentation tool that can be used easily to illustrate online and in-class ideas.
Prezi is web-based tool which can make it extremely easy to share a link to the presentation with a whole class so they can refer to it.

Unlike PowerPoint presentations, there are no large files to download and the user does not need to own any specific software to view the shared files. One of my favorite features of Prezi is the software's smooth transition from one slide to another and the ability to embed images, graphics, arrows, videos and audio files in one presentation. Research shows that students learn best when they read, see and hear the material that is covered. A presentation is as good as the instructional designer who creates it.

There are common mistakes people make when using PowerPoints that I recommend avoiding. One major mistake is overwhelming the audience with too many slides. A presentation that has more than 20 something slides will overwhelm the viewers and they will lose interest, so keep it short.

Another common mistake is having too many bullet points in one sheet. If a slide has more than 5 points per sheet it gets too wordy and hard to read.

Avoid fancy graphic that are gimmicky and serve no meaning in your storytelling. For example, do not show your words fading or dancing if you are educating your students about world hunger.

Think of your presentations as stories or short films with a beginning, middle and an end.

Make sure that images and texts that you are using are not copyrighted. I found most of my images on Wikipedia.

I want to share my experience making Prezi presentations:

In my example, I am going to make a Prezi on Adobe building Technology. My first task will be to collect enough information about the topic and organize my lesson plan in on one folder on my computer. This should include a simple outline as follows.

I can use the world map as a background (this will connect history and geography)
When was adobe first used? (I am going to use an image of a fossilized footprint from a humanoid 1.5 million years old. This image will make it clear how anyone how walks on wet earth will notice that mud hardens and keep the shape of the print.)
I will show Ancient Egyptian mud-brick making hieroglyphics.
I want to show that mud is a very expressive building medium, so I will show a slide of a Dogan African village.
I will use Mesopotamian mud structures including arches and ornaments.
To cover American involvement, I will show that New Mexican architects experiment with modern adobe and earth architecture.
I will end the class with a short video of future use of earth and mud as a building material.

Now, since I have an idea of what I am going to present. I go to Prezi.

It is free to create a Prezi account for education: this is my presentation:


1- Sign up; it is free for educators:

Please follow my blog on Blogger to see embded images: http://nmnl2015.blogspot.com/2015/11/test-format.html

If you cut and paste hyperlinks, they automatically become active and take the viewer to the source.
If you insert a link to YouTube it becomes an embedded video in your Prezi.

Finally, the best way to learn Prezi is to use it. It will help you express your ideas as a teacher better and make your students more intrigued by your animated Prezi.

For more help watch this video:

Lankshear, C., & Knobel, M. (2006). New literacies: Everyday practices & classroom learning (2nd ed.