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What is Lectora Inspire and Why Should I Check it Out?

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By C Mocibob Comments (8)

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First of all, I would like to share that I have used a few different authoring tools including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Brainshark, and Harbinger Raptivity. Even so, I continue to be impressed by what Lectora Inspire has to offer. Lectora Inspire (a product of Trivantis/eLearning Brothers) offers a user friendly and flexible approach to the development of online courses. It is very intuitive and allows the instructional designer to create interactive, engaging, and professional-looking online courses.

My Top 10 Features and Benefits

1. Lectora Inspire offers integrated versions of SnagIt and Camtasia as part of the application to handle screen captures and simulations.
2. It includes a PowerPoint Integrator for converting presentations to a clean eLearning format – great for the development of rapid eLearning.
3. Offers an intuitive user interface – containing a ribbon with buttons, options, and tabs similar to other MS Office products.
4. Built in designs. Although I chose to create a custom skin/template using my company’s corporate colors and logo, Lectora Inspire contains over 70 built-in themes for ease of development as well as templates to help with page layout and design. I saved my custom skin as a template so that I can easily use it for future courses that I develop as part of my new hire orientation.
5. Easily incorporate graphics and media to enhance your course.
6. Contains a library of characters to add to your eLearning course.
7. Contains various wizards to help you perform common tasks like creating an action, adding a background, or adding a button.
8. Ability to publish is various formats including SCORM, AICC, exe, and HTML.
9. Ability to easily create tests, assessments, and surveys as well as other interactivities to engage the learner and improve retention.
10. Offers access to online tutorials, samples courses, and communities/forums to help you to get started.

What Do I Need to Know?

Getting started with developing courses using Lectora Inspire is easy. Although it is recommend that you attend a training session to get the most out of your authoring experience, anyone with experience using MS Office products should be able to jump right in and begin. The best way I can explain it, is that it offers functionality of both MS Word and MS PowerPoint. With this prerequisite knowledge, the learning curve is somewhat minimal. I was able to create my course by trial and error and by using the intuitive Help feature.

Below is a link to eLearning White Papers offered on the Trivantis website. They seem to add new resources regularly and many of them offer some great information related to online learning.


A Few Limitations to Consider…

Although I would recommend Lectora Inspire to any instruction designer/content developer regardless of their experience, there are a few limitations worth noting. The Lectora Inspire tool is somewhat expensive. In my case, my company purchased the license for me. For personal use, it would not be an option for many, unless they went with their online, cloud-based offering which can be much more budget-friendly and cost-effective.

Also, this authoring tool does not have the ability to create or manage a built-in timeline. Often timelines will help the designer to stay on task. This type of project management would need to be done outside of Lectora. For my pilot project, having the ability to manager my overall project timeline within the application itself would have been helpful so that I can stay on schedule easily.

Finally, the tech support offered is a bit weak and the support staff is not as knowledgeable about the product as I would hope. Their responses do not resolve the issue or point you in the right direction and overall response time in general was somewhat slow based on my experience. Luckily, the tool is intuitive so as the author, you can typically resolve issues independently and also take advantage of the Help feature and user community which seems to be very knowledgeable.

Below is a link to this blog containing Lectora Inspire images:



  • C Mocibob

    Sorry everyone - I posted this last week but had it in draft mode - I just changed it to public.


  • Scott Bruno

    Hi Cathy,

    I have to admit I always read your posts because I always learn something new. Lectora Inspire sounds like an excellent product and one that you use often. I like that that you're able to put together all of the features and benefits. The no timeline feature seems like it may not be good for a less experienced instructor like myself. However, it seems like you can and have been able to work around it with ease.Being in the IT field for many years I have found that the very small or specialized software companies don t have the best support. However, every once in a while they will let you speak to the engineers if you request it. If they let you speak with one. You will be amazed hoe many other things can b done with the software. I hope I can be one of your pilot participants.


  • C Mocibob

    Thanks very much, Scott. I really do enjoy using Lectora for my development. I have a few other options but always tend to fall back on it because it just works for me. I find that it is very flexible and also forgiving. You are correct in what you stated about smaller companies and their sometimes weak support. Over the years, the Lectora support team has actually come a long way. There is one rep in particular ("Ed") who I tend to request. He is extremely knowledgeable and can usually either resolve my issue or suggest a backup plan.

    I never thought to request a conversation with an engineer - that's a great suggestion and one that may come in handy at some point!



  • W Jojo

    I am looking forward to trying this out. There are so many tools to try out that I wish I had more time to experiment. This sounds like a good fit for me because I recently moved from the good 'ol Quicktime for producing my videos to Camtasia. I found that it just gave me more flexibility.

    With the tool you describe here, there are simply more capabilities and they are integrated. That excites me to no end!

    Regarding tech support. I feel your pain. Sometimes the best tools and the best products simply have their Achilles heal. Seems you may have found there's.

    Best wishes!

  • C Mocibob

    Thanks for the reply. Camtasia is a great product as well. It is actually a good compliment to Lectora. It comes as a built in, integrated product within Lectora Inspire. I know they used to offer a trial from their website - that would allow you to check it out and see if it would be a good solution for you before committing to it. Good luck!


  • C Mocibob

    Thanks for the reply. Camtasia is a great product as well. It is actually a good compliment to Lectora. It comes as a built in, integrated product within Lectora Inspire. I know they used to offer a trial from their website - that would allow you to check it out and see if it would be a good solution for you before committing to it. Good luck!


  • Chloe DeShong

    Hi Cathy!

    Lectora sounds so interesting! When I was researching how to present my project there seemed to be so many options for authoring that it was all a little overwhelming. I wish I had read this long ago!

    Thanks so much for listing all of the benefits like you did, it was easy to read and great information. I love that Lectora has tried to make a seamless experience for its users by adding in the integration of other services. I also love that they have templates to choose from but that you can save your own. I find it helpful to start with a template, even though I always completely change it before I'm done!

    And I know the pain of poor support. Often in my own work I have given up on the support personnel only to dive in and try to fix it myself. Frustrating, although rather rewarding once I figured out my problem.

    Great post, thanks again for putting it together for us!

  • C Mocibob

    Thanks Chloe - I appreciate the feedback. I limited the benefits to 10 for the purpose of the blog but there are so many more - definitely worth checking out!

    Thank again!