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Internship Opportunity - Saratoga Springs - The Masie Center

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By Diane Gal

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Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - May 12, 2014.
#824 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
56,459 Readers - www.masie.com - twitter: emasie - The MASIE Center.
Host: Video and Learning LAB - Next Week in Saratoga Springs.

Special Note: MASIE Learning Interns Sought! I am seeking several high energy graduate students or independent learners - wanting a 2 to 5 month deep dive experience as:

* MASIE Learning Interns : Graduate students coming to Saratoga Springs to help with key projects and experiments in The MASIE Center Lab - working closely with Elliott Masie.

Every year, we invite a global colleague to play a special role in the learning work at The MASIE Center. We have had Interns and Fellows in previous years from Korea, Brazil, India, Italy, China and Eastern Europe. We are also open to applications from colleagues in the United States.

You will be living in Saratoga Springs, NY - a wonderful community several hours north of New York City. Included is an honorarium to help cover expenses during this project.

The ideal candidate will be deeply involved in the worlds of learning, training, performance, technology or workplace improvement. The duration of the program is flexible, based on your experience and availability.

Please start the process by sending a short email to Elliott Masie at emasie@masie.com Share your educational and work experiences and why your would want to be one of our next MASIE Learning Interns.