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Growing . . . forever

As a faculty member, we get a "Reading Period" - to those of you new to ESC that means a time to research, develop, explore, and grow.   I used my time for a variety of things - including downloading my own social network software (as Mark is so nicely modeling here).  Nicola - who always makes good suggestions - started applauding ELGG (this package) last year, so I had to try it.   I am learning from being a user on the MALET end of things.   I work with young students and need to have a way to have private resources that they can use, so I am eager to see how ELGG works.

And, I continue with my private virtual island (again, I need security for K12 kids).   Of course, they worked well and challenged me all the time.  I kept making animated tutorials for them (in Camtasia) so that I could show them new skills - this group was working remotely with me. 

I attended a great conference on Games in Education and learned about a new gaming database being created where K12 teachers can post what they are using "games" for in their classroooms, and can indicate too what standards are associated with the games they used.   The organization that is developing this database is a spinoff from MIT and the Un. of Wisconsin and is funded by Gates - they were beta.playfullearning (but I can't find the website now).   They have funding to come and talk about what they do - so I hope they will e-visit or in-person visit us.

Of course, I @#$% about the tech glitches, but I learned and learned.   Signed up for too much server space on my own, but you have to have play spaces.

I am eager to hear about everyone else's summer vacation.